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३७ वर्षिय मुडभरीको करिब ३/४ वर्ष अघि मृतक बोहोरासँग सामाजिक संजाल मार्फत चिनजान भएको थियो। त्यही चिनजानले दुबै जना एक आपसमा भेटघाट समेत गर्ने गर्थे। बोहोरा बेला बेला मुडभरीको कोठामा आउने गरेको अनुसन्धानमा खुलेको प्रहरीले बताएको छ।

August 11, 2020 833

Various secrets have been revealed after the police arrested the woman accused in the Gongbu murder. The body of Krishna Bahadur Bohora of Dang was found a short distance away from Gongbu Chowk on Sunday.

Police found Bohora’s body without head and legs inside a black suitcase wrapped in red plastic and with the name of the bag on Navjyoti Marg near Gongbu at around 7 am on Sunday. Police initially used a dog in the investigation after finding a body without legs and head in the suitcase. A trained dog named Joe found his head and legs in a corner of a vacant lot on Swargadwari Road, 300 meters northeast of Sutkase.

Police arrested Kalpana Mudbhari Poudel from Chitwan on Tuesday on charges of involvement in her murder. Mudbhari has confessed to the police that she killed the man. She was rushed to Chitwan by an ambulance from Maiti in Shaktikhor. According to police, Mudbhari’s daughter was involved in managing Krishna Bahadur’s body. Police have also arrested his daughter.

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Chitwan Kalika Municipality Ward No. Mudbhari Tokha municipality ward no. 10 Navjyoti was living on the road. Mudbhari, 37, had met Bohora about three to four years ago through social media. The two used to meet each other with the same acquaintance. According to the police, Bohora used to come to Mudbhari’s room from time to time. Mudbhari has even acted in some TV series. According to the police, she had left her husband and was living alone. The investigation has revealed that the family relationship of Krishna Bahadur, who got married twice, is not good.

She has given a statement to the police that she was killed because she used her Facebook ID to send pornographic photos and caused a lot of grief.

On the day of the incident, Krishna Bahadur had reached his room in a scooter from the hotel where he was staying. When Krishna Bahadur reached the room, Mudbhari welcomed him with food. In his room, Krishna Bahadur ate curd, chura, meat and vodka. While eating, the woman mixed 5 sleeping tablets in the curd and fed it. She has since given a statement that she was strangled and killed by hitting her testicles. She had cut off her head and body to hide her body after the murder. Chief of the Metropolitan Crime Investigation Branch, SSP Deepak Thapa, said that Mudbhari had taken the body to the bathroom after the murder. Mudbhari packed Bohora’s body in a suitcase and bag and left it in the square with the help of her daughter.

After managing the body, she reached Chitwan in an ambulance. She had called the ambulance driver of a well-known person who was returning to Chitwan from Kathmandu on the evening of the 25th. She had reached Chitwan on the same day in an ambulance.

Police released the photo on Monday to identify Bohora. A relative of the deceased’s uncle had identified him on Monday based on the photo. Bohora had been staying at a hotel in Gongbu for the past eight months.

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